Comprehending Ceramics

A Hands-on Workshop: This was organized at the SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences, Guntur, A.P., on – 6th & 7th November 2012.

31st May 2013 – World No Tobacco Day

No Tobacco week program was organized on behalf of SHRF, at various places in and around Guntur. Factory workers were targeted for the program. They were educated on the various ill-effects of tobacco usage in various forms. Hand-outs made in the regional language were distributed and audio-visual demonstrations were conducted. Street-plays were also conducted by the students from SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences, educating about the ill-effects of Tobacco use. A huge rally was done on the 31st May 2013, on the World No Tobacco Day, displaying banners, placards and distributing the pamphlets about the adverse effects of tobacco use.

Workshop on Research Methodology

With a continuous zeal to excel and its commitment to research, SHRF organized a Workshop on Research Methodology on 6th September 2014, at SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences, Guntur, A.P. Dr. Muralidhar Mupparapu from University of Penn, USA and Dr. Steven R. Singer from Rutger’sUniversity Dental School, N.J., USA were the guest faculty for the program.

The 7th World Workshop on Oral Health & Disease in HIV/AIDS

On behalf of SHRF, this program was hosted at the HICC-NOVOTEL, Hyderabad, from the 6th – 9th November 2014. It was a grand success to host such an event at India, Hyderabad for the first time. The prestigious event happens only once in 5 years in different countries throughout the world. The most renowned researchers and contributors in the field of HIV/AIDS attended this great event from all over the world and shared their research till date in this subject. They have also derived some future research ideas which can much effectively help the world countries in encountering this dreaded disease. The international steering committee led by Dr. Stephen Challacombe, Dr. Christopher Fox, Dr. John Greenspan, Dr. Deborah Greenspan, Dr. Anwar Tappuni, Dr. Caroline Shiboski, Dr. Isaac Rodriguez Chavez, Dr. David Williams and Dr. Ranganathan Kannan have contributed a lot to the scientific success of this international conference. Researchers from 22 different countries have enthusiastically participated in this workshop, along with many of our colleagues from India.

Oral Cancer Screening Camp

SHRF Conducted Oral Cancer Screening camp on 04-03-2015, at Chinakondrupadu, Guntur.